Shurdington Social Centre

Bishop Road, Shurdington, GL51 4TB

Location description

Meeting location for Cotswold Astronomical Society.

Location event organiser

Cotswold Astronomical Society organises stargazing events at this location.

Astronomical society

Meeting place for local astronomical society, often in a location that enables stargazing and observing.

Location light pollution

This location is estimated to have light pollution levels similar to a suburban setting based on satellite data from CPRE.

Dark site
The above demonstrates the estimated effect of light pollution - graphics created using Stellarium.

Forthcoming events at this location

Cotswold Astronomical Society Monthly Meeting

Saturday 14th December 2019 from 19:45pm to 22:00pm
Observing (if clear), Society Meeting


When to visit

The best time to visit Shurdington Social Centre can be found on this dark skies calendar.

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